keep your pants on

Keep your pants on

Meaning: calm down, stop being so anxious and/or impatient

Example: "Keep your pants on, will ya? The pizza will be here soon."


Не выпрыгивай из штанов! - Literally meaning: "Don't jump out of your pants!" When enraged or proving their sincerity, some Russians also tend to 'tear the shirtfront apart'. Any ideas as to the English equivalents?

Пнд, 2004-07-12 14:39 — Samantha
Could you give me an example

Could you give me an example of in what type of situation it would be used, or how it would be said? I'm talking about to 'tear the shirtfront apart', that is.

Пнд, 2004-07-12 15:05 — Vivi
People "tear their shirtfront

People "tear their shirtfront apart" when they are proving their point vehemently or getting ready to fight.

"Don't tear your shirtfront apart! Calm down and tell him what you are feeling about the whole thing."

'Don't tear you shirt on your chest' generally means "cool down, don't be so violent". The origin might be deduced - males used to get rid of too much clothes before engaging in fights.

Пнд, 2004-07-12 21:36 — Samantha

If someone were about to start a fight over something, and someone wanted to calm that person down, they might say "Don't get carried away."


A slightly less common thing to say in a similar situation might be "Don't let this come to blows, now."

I will try to think of some more possible matches.