keep one's own counsel

keep one's own counsel (keep ideas and plans to oneself) — помалкивать, ничего не говорить; держать свои планы и намерения при себе

Example 1: She always seems to keep her own counsel and rarely reveals her inner feelings.

Example 2: He is someone who is very good about listening and asking for advice, but then keeps his own counsel.

Example 3: There was only one customer in the Late Shift whom she didn't recognize, an older man, with a long face and deep pouches under his eyes. He'd probably been handsome once, maybe even athletic, given his tall, rangy frame, but time had extracted its full measure, moment by moment, year by year. She might have thought he was there by accident, and not a mourner at all, the way he sat keeping his own counsel and nursing a cup of coffee at the far end of the bar, talking to no one, except that every time her glance strayed in his direction, she caught him looking right back at her. He wasn't even trying to be subtle about it. Prompted by a certain distracted curiosity, she made her way toward him, perched on the edge of the empty stool next to his. (Linda Lael Miller, The Last Chance Café)