jump for joy

jump for joy (to be very pleased / happy about something good that has happened) — прыгать от радости

Example 1: We weren’t exactly jumping for joy at the news. (macmillandictionary.com)

Example 2: I almost jumped for joy when I saw that on the Internet.

Example 3: I'm not exactly jumping for joy, but I'm doing my best to deal with it, because I love my husband.

Example 4: Tina jumped for joy when she found out she'd be in the team. (CIDI)

Example 5: Just because you've settled on the best school doesn't mean your child will jump for joy. Even if she's excited about moving on, saying goodbye is hard. (Today's Parent)

Example 6: Aunt Amanda was there waiting when we came down the steps. In the car she asked me how I liked school and I was quick to reply that I liked it, remembering the excitement of so many faces, names, and games I had played. But I was really impressed by our teacher; she was so pretty and nice. "How did you like school today?" Uncle Lofton asked me later. "I liked it," I told him. "Oh, he was jumping for joy," Aunt Amanda said. "Just jumping for joy!" (Cecil Brown, "Coming Up Down Home", 1993)

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