jump down sb's throat

jump down sb's throat (to react angrily to something that someone says or does) — затыкать рот кому-л., перебивать кого-л. возражениями, запальчиво возражать, не давать кому-л. слова сказать; кидаться на кого-л.

Example 1: I made the mildest of criticisms and he jumped down my throat. (CALD)

Example 2: Well, don't jump down my throat. I'm just trying to help. — Ну, не надо на меня так орать. Я только пытаюсь помочь.

Example 3: Nobody gives you a hard time when you pan something. When you endorse something, everybody jumps down your throat.

Example 4: Of course he was testing me. And after I jumped down his throat, he smiled, thrilled to hear me being angry with him. (Robert Reed, Less Than Nothing, Fantasy & Science Fiction)

Example 5: "I heard a woman scream." "That was Dorcas — stupid little jade! You'd think she'd never seen a man with a cape over his head before." "It was you who made her scream, then." "Don't say that as though I crept up behind her with a knife! All that happened was, I came in through the back door and ran into Dorcas in the servants' hall. I had my cape flung over my head to keep the rain off, so she couldn't see who I was. She started shrieking fit to bring the house down. I had to shake her before I could get her to leave off. And of course the servants came pouring in from all sides and gaped at us as though we were a Punch and Judy show. Damn their eyes!" "You can't blame them for being in a nervous state." "Well, they had no call to jump down my throat like that. I come in the back door at this hour all the time." "They probably weren't expecting you to be out on a night like last night." "I go out in all kinds of weather, damn you! I'm not somebody's grandmother!" "Neither am I, but I'd have needed a devil of a good reason to be out in a storm like that." "I had a good reason. I wanted to get out of this house. I couldn't sleep, thinking about all of us traipsing past that girl's body with a candle, looking at her." "You seemed to be much affected." "I was sick, if that's what you mean. I don't like looking at dead people. Not that I've seen all that many, in case you were thinking I go around leaving them in other people's beds." (Kate Ross, "Cut to the Quick")

Example 5: ‘How are you getting on?..’ ‘What does that matter to you?’ she asked in reply. Philip could not help laughing. ‘Don't jump down my throat. I was only trying to make myself polite.’ (W. S. Maugham, ‘Of Human Bondage’)
— Как дела?..
— А вам-то что? — услышал он в ответ. Филип не мог удержаться от смеха. — Зря вы на меня кидаетесь. Я просто старался быть вежливым.

Example 6: There's Karen Lehrman, a journalist and and author of a forthcoming book on what she calls "postideological feminism" (whuh?), who says she's a feminist, but... has tarred all of feminist scholarship with her sneering accounts of a few instances of excessive touchy-feeliness and self-involvement in the women's studies classroom. The cherry-picking of "feminist excesses" is a favored strategy — and an effective one, because there are some feminists (particularly on campus, where many of the pod feminists reside) who say "all men are creeps", or who jump down your throat for less than perfectly P.C. terminology, or who get mortally offended over minor slights, or who want to "share" tedious personal revelations in the classroom. Surely one can always find psychobabble and navel-gazing in an undergraduate population... or even in gatherings like, ahem, the pod feminists' "International Gender Reconciliation Conference" last September, which offered such sessions as "Looking at Yourself," "Women's Wounds," "Emotional Support," and even a "Healing Break." ("I'm not a feminist but I play one on TV", Ms)