it's just as well

It's just as well (that) sb did/does sth) and It's a good thing (that) sb did/does sth) — 1) (вот и) хорошо, что...; тем лучше, что...; к лучшему; 2) с тем же успехом; с таким же упехом; точно так же
It's a good job (that) sb did/does sth) {BrE}

Used to say that you are glad something happened, because there would have been problems if it had not happened

Example 1: My mobile is dead. — It's just as well I've got mine, then.

Example 2: It's just as well I didn't lend him the money. — Хорошо, что я не дал ему взаймы.

Example 3: I didn't call her. It was just as well. — Я не позвонил ей. Ну и тем лучше.

Example 4: I'm too tired to go out. Do you mind? — It's probably just as well. I've got a cold coming on. — Оно и к лучшему, вот и хорошо, тем лучше . У меня, похоже, простуда начинается.

Example 5: It's just as well/ It's a good job you speak French. Nobody here seems to speak English.

Example 6: I forgot to tell Paul about the party. — It's just as well you did't. He isn't invited. (Вот и прекрасно, что не сказал.)

Example 7: It's just as well/ It's a good job we didn't bring the kids. It was a much scarier movie than I thought.


Example 1: All other articles can be obtained just as well on the spot.— Все другие предметы с таким же успехом / точно так же можно достать на месте. (OED)

Example 2: We might just as well do it now. — Мы можем это и сейчас сделать, ничего страшного. / Мы с тем же успехом можем это и сейчас сделать.

Example 3: Since no one else has applied for the job we may just as well give it to Gina. — Поскольку никто больше не претендует на эту работу, то вполне логично отдать ее Джине./ ... мы с тем же успехом можем передать ее Джине.

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