It's a no-brainer

It's a no-brainer (that)
(something that is absurdly simple or easy and requires little thought)
— понятно, что...;
ежу понятно;
не нужно быть семи пядей во лбу, чтобы...;
большого ума не надо, чтобы...;
проще простого, совсем не сложно

.....Making pumpkin pie can be a no-brainer if you use frozen pastry and canned filling.

.....And in times like these—coloured by high unemployment, rising tuition costs, cuts to social welfare and a steadily declining marriage rate —it seems a no-brainer that the youth of today would be doing what bored, broke, idle kids are famed for doing best: getting wasted and raising hell.

[ежу понятно]
[это не бином Ньютона]
This is not rocket science.
[It doesn't take a rocket scientist]
It doesn't take a rocket scientist (to do sth) also you don't have to be a rocket scientist (to do sth)