in the spotlight

in the spotlight/ limelight — в центре внимания

... She liked being in the spotlight.
... She's been in the limelight recently.

take up (all) the limelight
take away from sb's spotlight
— перетянуть все внимание на себя, перетягивать (все) внимание на себя; оттягивать внимание на себя

... Bottom line, if you want to tell a funny joke to the person next to you, just wait until there is a break in the presentation or after the meeting. Either way, don’t take away from the speaker’s spotlight.

... And she acts like she's a supermodel because she's reeaally skinny, but its not the 'attractive' kinda skinny, it makes her look gross, and her legs are all bony and disgusting and she's covered in spots and has tiny eyes and is pig ugly. We made a music video just for fun and filmed it on my phone, and she took up all the limelight and wouldn't let me in it!

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