in the doghouse

in the doghouse (in a situation in which someone is annoyed with you because of something you did) — в немилости, в опале

Someone who is in the doghouse is in trouble for something they have or haven't done:

Example 1: You'll be in the doghouse if you don't finish the report by lunchtime. — Тебе несладко придется, если не успеешь к обеду. Тебе здорово влетит.

Example 2: He forgot his wife's birthday, so he's in the doghouse.

out of the doghouse

Example: She won't be out of the doghouse until she apologizes.

Etymology: based on the idea of being punished like a dog who is forced to stay in a doghouse (= a shelter used by a dog), away from people (Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms)