in seventh heaven

be in seventh heaven{infml} (to be extremely happy) — быть на седьмом небе (от счастья, восторга и т. п.)

Example: Since they got married they've been in seventh heaven. (CIDI)

Example: ...I loved him beyond all reason. When I asked him what I would say to Amelia, how I would explain my pregnancy, he said I must invent a boyfriend, say that my new young man was the father. Later I could explain to her that my boyfriend had let me down, gone away and left me in the lurch, left me to fend for myself. And this is what I did tell Amelia, and she believed me. Actually, Dr. Benson, Amelia was so thrilled I was pregnant, she was in seventh heaven. When I became really heavy, six months into my pregnancy, she insisted I move into the apartment over the garage adjoining their house. (Barbara Taylor Bradford, "Her Own Rules", 1996)

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[на седьмом небе]