in sb's way

be / get / stand in the way of sb/ of sb's plans
be / get / stand in sb's way
(to try to stop or prevent something from happening; interfering with a person in the pursuit of plans or intentions; hindering someone's plans) — мешать, препятствовать; становиться на пути


be a drag on sb/sth XXX

be a drag on sb/sth XXX {infml} () —


› to ​slow down or ​limit the ​development of someone or something; to make it hard for someone to make progress towards what they want:
..... She didn't ​want a ​husband who would be a drag on her ​career.

..... Any slowdown in the economy is going to be a drag on the President's re-election campaign.(LDOCE)

ˈstaɪ.mi/ (stymieing) informal
stymie {infml} (› to ​prevent something from ​happening or someone from ​achieving a ​purpose; to be an obstacle to; prevent the advancement or success of; thwart or stump; to cause to fail or to leave hopelessly puzzled, confused, or stuck; to stop someone from achieving an aim, or to stop some process from continuing) —

Examples: …..Richard’s attitude completely stymied her. (MM)
…..positions that have stymied progress (MM)
… that stymied attempts to locate the missing hikers;
….a math problem that stymied half the class.
.... In ​our ​search for ​evidence, we were stymied by the ​absence of any ​recent ​documents.
the changes must not be allowed to stymie new medical treatments