in no time

in no time (at all) also in no time (at all) — очень быстро, в мгновение ока
If something happens or is done in no time, it happens or is done extremely quickly

Example: It's only another mile or so. We'll be there in next to no time. (Cambridge Idioms Dictionary)

Example: He had the food ready in no time. (Cambridge Idioms Dictionary)

lickety-split /ˈlɪkɪtɪˈsplɪt/ {US and Canadian informa}l
(with great speed; very quickly; speedily) — моментально, сразу же, в мгновенье ока; опрометью

Example: She was at pains to find just the right thing for her numerous friends and they repaid her in kind. Yet giving her anything was a tense business; although she depended on social fibs, when it came to aesthetics she had an artist's ruthlessness. A mahogany wall sconce I made for her in eighth grade vanished into the attic lickety-split. (Tad Friend, "The Playhouse", 2006)

{from lick + split}