in good with sb

be in good with sb (be in sb's favor; to have pull with sb) — быть на хорошем счету у кого-л; быть в хороших отношениях с кем-л.

Example 1: Well, I'm not in good with Jane. Actually, I hardly know her. How do I go about getting in good? — Я не пользуюсь ее расположением. Фактически, я едва с ней знаком. А как можно добиться ее расположения? (Th.)

Example 2: ...

get in good with sb (try to gain someone’s trust for your own benefit) — стараться понравиться кому-л.; стараться произвести хорошее впечатление; стараться добиться расположения; ~ втереться в доверие

Example 1: They came over to my place only because they were trying to get in good with my father.

Example 2: We won’t have to be home by ten o’clock every night. I’m going to be really nice to my mom this week. I want to get in good with her so she’ll buy me the new car I want for my birthday.

[make points with sb]
[scrape acquaintance with sb]
[earn brownie points]
be in one's good books
get on the sb's/boss’s/etc good side

be in bad with sb — в опале, не на хорошем счету, в немилости, не в чести (у кого-л.)
You are in bad with someone when they are angry with you because of something you have said or done.

Example : David took a two-hour lunch and, of course, is now in bad with his boss.

[in the doghouse]