in a huff

(go off / walk off / leave etc) in a huff (feeling angry or bad-tempered, especially because someone has offended you) — (уйти) обиженным, оскорблённым, рассерженным; в гневе

get into a huff, take the huff — прийти в ярость (Lingvo)

Example 1: Never quit in a huff! Leaving a job gracefully is more important than starting with a bang. (

Example 2: Witnesses said McClure got upset during a meeting this morning at City Hall and left in a huff after announcing he was resigning his seat on the council. (

Example 3: In a recent issue those ads ranged from one for the Park Lane Hotel to one offering a catalog of specialty bow ties. How silly do you have to be to get in a huff over bow ties festooned with valentine hearts? Probably as silly as the people who get morally exercised over product placements in big-budget movies. (