hung up about sth

be hung-up (about/on sth) (having a hang-up; obsessively or exclusively interested in) — быть зацикленным на чем-л.; иметь пунктик, заморочку по поводу чего-л.

...Why are so many women so hung-up about food?
...He's hung up on modern art these days.
...Our society has become too hung up on the idea that death is somehow awful.
(Glasgow Herald)
...We are still hung up on the old belief that the longer it lasts, the better it is.
...Why are you so hung-up on Mike? There are lots of other boys in the world. Just stop thinking about hin and I’m sure you’ll meet someone new very soon.
...You're the only person so far at Hollywood Insider that hasn't hung up on me.
...If you're ranked average or poor, please don't get hung up on the numbers or be put off by the label - you'll soon be climbing the ranks and reaching new levels of strength and fitness. Remember, the main aim of the six week program is to establish a regular exercise program and improve your current level of fitness.

a hang-up (about sth) (a permanent and unreasonable feeling of anxiety about a particular feature of yourself; something a person gets unusually worried about, something a person focuses on as a major problem in life, something that gives a person feelings of anxiety, something one thinks about a lot because s/he feels uncomfortable about, something that is constantly disturbing, something a person obsesses about) — пунктик, заморочка (с чем-л. или по поводу чего-л.), "тараканы"; зацикленность на чем-л.

A “hang-up” is something you’re always thinking about. It’s something that has a strong effect on you, because it’s very important. Usually, it’s a negative thing. For example, if you’re very short, you could have a “hang-up” about your height. You could be spending lots of time thinking about your height and wishing that you were taller. Or, if you’re extremely smart, you could have a “hang-up” about your intelligence. You might not want people to think you’re a nerd, so you could pretend that you don’t know things that you do actually know.
Usually, other people will think your hang-ups are stupid. They will probably tell you to get over them – because they’re probably not important. Most likely, you’re a wonderful person and you have no reason to have any hang-ups at all :-) (e-baby)

...sexual hang-ups
...Being obsessed with finding a man is on her particular list of hang-ups.
...He's one of these men who went bald very young and has a terrible hang-up about it.

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