how far along are you?

How far along are you? (= How many months pregnant are you?) — Ты на каком месяце (беременности)?

A: I just heard that you're expecting. How far along are you?
B: Thanks. I'm three and a half months pregnant.

be far along (close to the point of time of giving birth)

Example 2: After examining her, the doctor told us that this wasn’t false labor and that my wife was pretty far along.

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How far along are you? (What progess have you made so far?) — Как много успели (прочитать, посмотеть, др.)? Как далеко продвинулись?

Again this shows the importance of context.

When my students start a new song/piece/composition, I ask them: "How far along are you? Did you finish the first page?"

So different, isn't it?