hold one's own

hold one's/its own (against) (do reasonably well despite opposition, competition, or criticism; prove that you or something is as good as others) — не уступать; устоять; сохранять свои позиции, не сдаваться; сохранять достоинство, самообладание; не поддаваться; дать отпор

Example 1: So it appears that the subjunctive, in this phrase at least, is still holding its own. Long live the subjunctive! (chaika)

Example 2: She can hold her own in any debate on religion. (CDAmId)

Example 3: The French franc held its own against the D-mark. (CIDI)

Example 4: The team held its own against their opponents. (Answers.Com)

Example 5: Rumors often hold their own against facts.

Example 6: Our cotton shirts can hold their own against shirts costing $40 or more.(CDAmId)

Usage notes: often said about a competitive situation

see also

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