hold no brief for sth

hold no brief (for sth / sb) (to refuse to support, dislike; not to care about someone or something) — быть не в восторге от; не восхищаться; не защищать; не отстаивать

Example 1: I hold no brief for smoking. — Я отнюдь не сторонник курения. (Lingvo)

Example 2: My father holds no brief for liars.

Example 3: I hold no great brief for Madonna. Actually, I think she's a bit mad to mount an adoption bid straight after a highly publicised divorce. (findarticles.com)

Example 4: I hold no brief for the bankers who are being accused by President Mugabe of externalising foreign currency but in my humble opinion the president should not be the one pontificating about these crimes. (thezimbabweindependent.com)

Example 5: Falwell’s theology aside (and I hold no brief for it), he can be strident, conspiratorial-minded, disingenuous, bloviating, silly, and litigious. (joshuatrevino.com)

This term is a negative version of the legal expression hold a brief for sb (to support or defend a position by argument) — вести дело в суде в качестве адвоката; выступать в защиту кого-л.; | защищать, оправдывать, выгораживать кого-л. или что-л.