hit the sack

hit the sack (to go to bed; to go to sleep) — завалиться спать; придавать подушку (регион.); пойти спать, поспать

Example: Well it's getting pretty late. I think I'm gonna go hit the sack.

— Vivi
It's interesting to trace its origins back. Why do you say 'hit the sack'? Did a sack stuffed with straw or wool serve as some kind of mattress? And, probably, you must feel so run-down that you literally hit it with your body when you fall down on it to get some rest?

Thu, 2004-07-29 11:21 — Samantha
Yes, you are right. The early mattresses were made from cloth sacks stuffed with hair or hay. In fact, there is another idiom "to hit the hay" that means the exact same thing as to "hit the sack".

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