hit the jackpot

hit the jackpot (to become notably and unexpectedly successful; to win a lot of money) — преуспеть; хорошо устроиться; сорвать куш

Example 1: When you have so many examples of people around you that hit the jackpot without the required toil, you really question the necessity for all that hard work. (From a conversation)

Example 2: Ibrahim Alabsawi came here with his young family from Perth to set up a pharmacy.
Sales are down 50%, and his shelves are half empty.
There is no point in replenishing his stock because there are so few customers.
"We thought we had hit the jackpot," he said.
"But now we're struggling. We're finding it hard to make ends meet."

Example 3: Those sort of weak good looks quite often hit the jackpot. — Такие хилые красавцы часто отлично устраиваются в жизни. (Lingvo)