high on the hog

live high on/off the hog AND
eat high on/off the hog
(have a lot of money and live in comfort, especially eating and drinking a lot; live in a luxurious style) — жить в роскоши, жить припеваючи; как сыр в масле кататься

Example 1: He’s got a new house and a new car, and he just joined the golf club. He’s really living high on the hog, isn’t he? (Open English World) — ...Красиво жить не запретишь! Кучеряво живет!..

Example 2: "What is she doing these days?" " Entertainment law. Big deal in the movie business. I should have stayed with her, I'd be living high on the hog right now. But it's weird, I just couldn't see much of a future in eating shit in public." (Alan Cheuse, The Antioch Review)

Note the variation with pretty:

Example 1: Looks like we're living pretty high off the hog tonight. What's the occasion? (McGraw-Hill Dict) — Похоже, мы сегодня шикуем... И по какому случаю?

It alludes to the choicest cuts of meat, which are found on a pig's upper flanks. (Answers.com)

See also
it's tough at the top
{humorous saying}
Used to mean that people in important positions have a lot of advantages and get a lot of good things:

"The managing director always flies first class." "It's tough at the top, isn't it?" (CALD) — ...Да уж, красиво жить не запретишь!

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