heart in the right place

have one's heart in the right place (be basically kind, have good intentions) — иметь хорошие, добрые намерения; быть добрым, отзывчивым человеком

Example 1: He may seem cold but his heart is in the right place.

Example 2: When I was young it was one of those things like the Red Cross that people knew might not be very effective but had its heart in the right place. ( John Barnes, "The Night Is Fine," the Walrus Said)

Example 3: At the sink Emily slid the cellophane off the chicken and washed the pieces in cold water. Through the window she surveyed the new yard. How could she have been so ungracious? The man was doing a simple favor. He was tactless, certainly, but his heart had been in the right place. She'd always laid great store by that. (Valerie Hobbs, "Call it a gift")

one's heart is / lies in the right place