have had a good innings

have (had) a good innings {BrE, infml, old-fashioned} ( to have enjoyed a long period of positive action or opportunity; to have had a long, good and active life or a long and successful career ) — прожить долгую и счастливую жизнь; взять от жизни свое

Used about sb who has died to say that they had a long and successful life

Example 1: She was 96 when she died so I suppose she'd had a good innings.— она свое от жизни взяла

Example 2: I've had a good innings but my old heart is very weak now. (CIDI)

Example 3: He's had a good innings as club president. (CIDI)

Из словаря фразеологизмов Кунина
have one's innings (устар.)
≈иметь свой черёд, свою последовательность; делать в порядке очерёдности; всему своё время {этим. спорт. (крикет)}

Consent to listen to him upon the understanding that they presently are to have their innings. (W. Thackeray, ‘The Book of Snobs’, ch. XX) — Согласитесь выслушать его, с тем чтобы они в свою очередь тотчас же выслушали вас.

Hallorsen had his innings. It's Hubert's turn to bat. (J. Galsworthy, ‘Maid in Waiting’, ch. V) — Холлорсен сделал свой ход. Теперь очередь Хьюберта.

She felt exceedingly bitter towards Eugene, and was rejoicing that at last she was beginning to have her innings. (Th. Dreiser, ‘The ‘Genius’’, book III, ch. XXII) — Мать Сюзанны ненавидела Юджниа и была рада наконец отплатить ему.

From cricket where an innings is the time that a team spends batting and a good innings is when they score a lot of runs (The team had a very good innings and won the match easily.)