have a knack

have a knack of/for doing sth (to be particularly good at it) — иметь способности к чему-л., уметь что-л. делать хорошо; иметь талант к чему-л. (тж. фигур.)

Example 1: He's got a knack of doing things well. — У него есть талант все делать хорошо.
Example 2: You certainly have a knack of getting into trouble. — У тебя несомненный талант встревать в неприятности.
Example 3: He has a knack for scoring important goals.

Example 4: See Richard Lester's film 'The Knack...And How To Get It' - one of the male leads is successful with women (he has 'the knack'), while the other male lead is nervy around women (he needs to get 'the knack' so he is more confident around women)


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