have a bellyful of sth

have (had) a bellyful of sb/sth (to have more than you can deal with of sb or sth bad or annoying; more than enough, or more than one can bear (of it, them, or their behaviour, etc). — кто-л./что-л. сидит в печенках, надоело (хуже горькой редьки); достало

have (had) one's fill of sb/sth (to not accept a bad situation any longer)

Example 1: I've had my bellyful of meetings.— Я сыт по горло всякими заседаниями.

Example 2: I've had a bellyful of your lies. — Твое вранье у меня уже в печенках сидит / надоело хуже горькой редьки / осточертело.

Example 3: He's probably had a bellyful of my moaning.

Example 4: I had my fill of my old job which didn't pay as much and had longer working hours.

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