have a ball

have a ball (enjoy the activity, have a blast, have fun) — хорошо проводить время, оттянуться (оттягиваться); хорошо отдохнуть, хорош/здорово повеселиться; веселиться по полной программе

You can have a ball listening to your favorite band and having a dance party with your friends. Kids might have a ball playing in the water on a hot day. Someone who works all the time might have a ball on vacation, doing absolutely nothing. (englishbaby.com)

have a ball
....at sb's birthday party
....at the beach
....on vacation

Example 1: We had a ball at Yolanda's party. It was lots of fun. — Мы здорово оттянулись на вечеринке
Example 2: Our new puppy had a ball at the beach. He loved running into the ocean and playing in the waves. (englishbaby.com)

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