hard sell

the hard sell (a method of selling in which someone tries very hard to persuade customers to buy something) — навязывание (товара покупателю) || усиленное рекламирование товаров; система навязывания товаров покупателю

Example: I'm afraid I'm very susceptible to the hard sell. — Если мне что-то усиленно навязывают / впихивают, то я обязательно покупаю.

gives sb the hard sell (with sth) (try very hard to get someone to buy something) — навязывать покупку

Example 1: I'm not trying to give you the hard sell. I simply want to make sure you are aware of all the benefits.

Example 2: Be prepared for the rowing ladies to give you the hard sell with their embroidered items, and other boat vendors to push drinks. (Southeast Asia on a shoestring)

Example 3: We had a guy in the office earlier trying to give us the hard sell with a new photocopier. We just couldn't get rid of him.

the soft sell (the use of suggestion or gentle persuasion in selling rather than aggressive pressure) — скромная, ненавязчивая реклама; тактичное пропагандирование достоинств

(a) hard sell {US} (a product that is difficult to sell, or an idea that is difficult to persuade people to accept) — то, что очень трудно продать, сбыть или внедрить (напр., идею)

Example: We’re trying to convince the public that the drug war is ineffective, but it’s a very hard sell. (MM)