hair of the dog

the hair of the dog (that bit you) (an alcoholic drink taken to make you feel better after drinking too much alcohol the night before;to cure the pain in your head that was caused by drinking too much alcohol the night before) —алкогольный напиток для опохмеления; на опохмел

Example 1: It was early in the morning and Catherine reached for her glass. 'Hair of the dog?' asked Lee with a smile. (CIDI) — ...потянулась за бокалом. "Опохмеляемся?" — улыбнулся Ли.

Example 2: Paul offered me the hair of the dog, but I couldn't stand the thought of drinking any more. — Он предложил мне что-то выпить, типа опохмелиться, но я даже подумать не мог об алкоголе.

Example 2: A little hair of the dog will cure that hangover in no time. — Один глоток — и похмелье как рукой снимет.

Based on the ancient folk treatment for dogbite of putting a burnt hair of the dog on the wound.
Whatever made you ill used as a remedy, especially alcohol as a hangover cure. (сf. Клин клином выбивают)
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