grin and bear it

grin and bear it
(to accept an unpleasant or difficult situation because there is nothing you can do to improve it) — улыбаться и терпеть, скрывать под улыбкой свои переживания; мужественно, стойко переносить страдания, тяготы; делать хорошую мину при плохой игре

Example 1: FIONA: I'm sorry Shrek, but can you please just try to grin and bear it? It's just until Dad gets better.

Example 2: Bad things happen... There is nothing you can do but grin and bear it.

Example 3: I hate having to work for rude people. I guess I('ll just) have to grin and bear it. (

Example 4 : I don't want to spend the whole weekend working but I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it. (

Example 5: WENDY THOMPSON: Hey, don't you worry about that. It's called paying your dues. The other wrestlers are going to be a little hard on you until you gain their respect. You'll probably even have to carry their bags. The important thing is to just grin and bear it. Keep smiling, no matter how bad the ribbing gets, and you'll be fine. (Mov: Kayfabe)

Example 6: Some children need more than others in learning to regulate their emotions. These kids require a lot of effort to keep themselves emotionally regulated. They do best with stability. If the family situation is chaotic or the family is very uptight, teaching children to grin and bear it, that tough kids don't cry, these children will have a lot of trouble. Even in a normal family, such children need extra help. (San Francisco Chronicle, 2009)

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