good with one's hands

(be) good with one's hands (to be skilful at making or doing things with your hands)— рукастый, умеющий хорошо работать руками; имеющий хорошии руки; хорошие руки; ~руки из правильного места растут

Example 1: Quick, name two professions where you need to be good with your hands. Bet you didn't say clarinetist and bike mechanic.

Example 2: To draw cartoons, you have to be good with your hands and very gentle with the pencil, drawing the right strokes with the right angles and shapes.

Example 3: If you’re a trade apprentice, there’s a lot of working outside, helping build homes while learning your trade, so you’ll need to be good with your hands, good with people, and happy to work in all weathers. For trade and technical apprentices, there’s plenty of studying to be done too, so you’ll need a good all round education and be willing to learn even more. Last but not least, we’ll be looking for plenty of energy, initiative and commitment too.

Example 4: If you’re the kind of person who’s always fixing plugs, replacing fuses and mending other electrical household products – well then why not become an apprentice in the electrical sector!
It’s a hair raising opportunity which can leave you with a bright future! Who’s it for? It goes without saying, you need to be good with your hands. There’s no point entering a career in this if you’re particularly clumsy, or you may end up switching the whole country’s electrical supply off by mistake! You need a good knowledge of technology and understand engineering principles, whilst you must be methodical and follow instructions. You’ll come across many challenges and puzzles to solve, so you need to be particularly quick at problem solving and if you were good at physics and maths in school- that’ll help in this sector too!

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