go to bat for sb

go to bat for sb (support or help someone) — заступиться, вступиться за кого-л.; прийти на помощь кому-л., защитить поддержать кого-л.

Example 1: Can you go to bat for me and talk to the teacher?

Example 2: I can be heavy-handed, but the men know they can come to me if they have a problem, and I will go to bat for them.

Example 3: In the last twenty-four hours, she and David had developed a closeness she'd never felt before. No man had gone to bat for her like this, and she allowed the pure warm feeling to wash through her for a moment. (C Sanford Lowe, "The Small Pond", 2007)

Example 4: Some of the neighbors hired an attorney and brought suit to have the place closed down. Singletary didn't ask me to help. He brought it up at one of those social occasions I mentioned earlier, and I went to bat for him, talked to the neighborhood attorney and got him to understand that he didn't have any legal basis upon which to demand the closing of the kitchen.(Margaret Truman, "Muder at the National Cathedral", 1990)