go on the wagon

go on the wagon (to decide not to drink any alcohol for a period of time) — завязать (бросить пить)

Example: The doctor ordered her to go on the wagon, and she hasn't touched a drop since. — Врач потребовал, чтобы она бросила пить, и с тех пор она капли в рот не берет.

Also be off the booze — не пить

Example: Now he's off the booze (= he has given up drinking alcohol), he's a different person. — Сейчас, когда он не пьет/ в завязке/ завязал, он совершенно другой человек.

kick the habit, drug, booze, etc. — to stop doing sth harmful that you have done for a long time

sign/take the pledge — to promise never to drink alcohol for religious or moral reasons {old-fashioned} LDOCE


on the wagon—short for 'on the water-wagon' as a metaphor for the non-consumption of alcohol.

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