go figure

Go figure! (Go try and understand why such a situation exists) — Поди тут разбери!; Поди пойми! Сам черт не разберет!; Как тут поймешь! Ну ни фига себе! (как выражение удивления и непонимания одновременно); ~Никакой логики!

Example 1: He said he quit smoking, then he asks for a cigarette. Go figure. (WM)

Example 2: One day she's nice and sweet, another she's quite snappish. Go figure. — То она милай и хорошая, то раздражительная. Попробуй (ее) пойми!

— Milanya

Example 1: I do not understand this. The paint was really good, so they stopped making it — go figure, right?

Example 2: A bus station is where a bus stops. On my desk I have a work station. Go figure.

Usage notes: used after making a statement to show that you think the situation you described is silly