go Dutch

go Dutch (with sb) (to share the cost of a meal in a restaurant) — платить свою часть, вносить свою долю за угощение (наравне с другими участниками компании); устраивать складчину

Example: "It's just lunch," I said. "Jimmy, I told you a long time ago that I'm not interested. How can I make that clear to you?" "News flash. I'm not asking you to lunch because I'm interested in you. We can go Dutch if you want." Her expression fell into confusion. She probably didn't know whether to be happy or feel insulted. (‘Test Signals’)

Dutch treat (an occasion when you share the cost of something such as a meal in a restaurant) — угощение, оплаченное каждым участником, складчина

Example: Once a week Hank took Myra to the movie, Dutch treat... (Ph. Roth, ‘When She Was Good’) — Раз в неделю Хэнк ходил с Майрой в кино. Она всегда сама платила за свой билет. (Кунин)

Related vocabulary:

split sth down the middle (to divide into two equal halves) — (разделить) на двоих, пополам; вскладчину (на двоих); счет пополам

Example 1: Since we bought this lottery ticket together, if we win, we'll split it down the middle.

Example 2:
Waitress: Just split it down the middle?
Bob: Oh yeah. We’re going Dutch tonight. (EB)

[pay one's way]
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