go around in circles

go (or run) round in circles
go (or run) around in circles {infml}
(to keep discussing the same problems without making any decisions or finding any answers; to do something for a long time without achieving anything but purposeless repetition) — ходить кругами, не сдвигаться с места, топтаться на месте

Example 1: This conversation's going around in circles again. — Разговор идет по кругу, мы топчемся на месте

Example 2: I'm trying to find out what's happened but I'm going round in circles. No one will tell me anything useful.

Example 3: Big pharma is even worse, well not worse, I'd say equally as bad as GM. One makes you ill and the other supposedly makes you better. It goes round in circles, making each other richer and richer the longer it goes on.

[топтаться на месте]