give vent to one's emotions

give vent to one's emotions and give vent to one's feelings (to open up and give release to all your built-up mental pressures) — ≅ отвести душу; дать выход эмоциям; выпустить пар; выговориться (контекст); дать выход своим чувствам, ≅ отвести душу

give vent to — дать выход чему-л.
to vent (to sb) (to express your feelings of anger very strongly)— дать волю (эмоции), выпустить пар; ~ выговориться

Example 1: There’s no need to vent your anger on me.

Example 2: I am an emotional person, and definitely too sensitive. I try to pretend that things don't bother me, that I'm ok, that I'm able to let it all roll off my back. The only person I vent to is my therapist.

Example 2: I'm having a horribly stressful week with the end of the semester, finals, papers, and the like. My brain refuses to function anymore, and I'm working part time on top of that. Sorry but I need to vent a little tonight or I will spontaneously combust.

give vent to one's feelings, anger, grief, impatience, indignation, threats, etc. дать волю своему гневу, горю, нетерпению, негодованию; ≅ отвести душу; разразиться угрозами {этим. фр. donner vent}

Example: Sometimes, I go out drinking and dancing and partying all night to give vent to my emotions.

Example : Open up and tell me all about what is causing you emotional pressure; if you give vent to your emotions it will be a big psychological release.

vent one's spleen (on sb) (express one's anger)

Example 1: He used to vent his spleen on his wife.

Example 2: Amy felt she had been badly treated by the media, so she took the chance to vent her spleen during the interview.(

Origin: The spleen is an organ in the body near the stomach. In European medicine from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century, the spleen was thought to be the source of the "humours" that caused the emotion of anger. Therefore one could expel anger by "venting the spleen". (

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to get a load off ones chest
take a load off one's mind.
[поговорить по душам]