give a bad name to sb

give a bad name to sb
Also, give sb / sth a bad name (spoil the reputation of somebody) — портить репутацию, не идти на пользу репутации чего-л. или кого-л.

Example: Late deliveries are giving the company a bad name.

get a bad name — иметь дурную славу, репутацию

Example: Why is it that pitbulls get a bad name? It's not their fault, it's how people train them and treat them that makes them so vicious and mean; but that's what scares people--there are so many stories of dog attacks and how are we to know which dog is sweet and loving and which is vicious and will try to tear our arm off?
They are a powerful animal, and can do so much damage; the potential for killing a small child or an elderly person or just anyone is there.

Example 2: Youth sports parents get a bad name these days, and some parents deserve it. Every week seems to bring new headlines about out-of-control fathers and mothers who verbally (and sometimes physically) assault officials, coaches, other parents, and even other youngsters.

[bad rap]