gift of the gab

have the gift of the gab {BrE} (= have the gift of gab {AmE}) (be good at talking; be a good and persuasive speaker) {infml} — иметь хорошо подвешенный язык; иметь дар красноречия, дар убеждения

Example 1: They say he has the gift of gab and that's exactly what is needed in a good salesperson. (

Example 2: Michael Irvin has the gift of gab. So much so, that he talked an assailant from probably shooting him last night. (

Example 3: In the brain, the gift of gab — or at least the gift of knowing what someone’s gabbing about — depends on sight, not just sound. If a listener sees a talker’s lips moving or hands gesturing, certain brain networks pitch in to decode the meaning of what’s being said, a new study suggests. (