get this show on the road!

Get this show on the road AND Get the show on the road (get sth started; put a plan into operation or begin an activity that has been planned; start an undertaking) — Ну, принимайся за работу/ за дело! Поехали! Давай берись за дело!

Example 1: Get this show on the road! We don't have all day. — Ты что, целый день собираешься здесь возиться? Давай уже принимайся за работу!

Example 2: After months of training, the astronauts were eager to get the show on the road. (

Let's get the/this show on the road {informal} (something that you say in order to tell people you want to start an activity or a journey) — Поехали! Все, давай уже беремся за дело!

Example: We've got three days at the most so let's take this show on the road. — У нас максимум три дня, так что понеслись/ поехали.

get / set / start the ball rolling (to make something start happening)

Example: There are several things we should discuss. Who’d like to start the ball rolling? (Macmillan)

get going
get started
here we go