get the hang of it

get the hang of sth
(to learn how to do something; to succeed in learning how to do something after practising it; to begin to understand that thing more clearly) ≈ приобрести навык, сноровку в чём-л.; освоить что-л., освоиться с чем-л., усвоить что-л.; набить себе руку в чём-л.; понять что-л, разобраться в чем-л.

Also [get the feel of sth]
Get the feel of sth/ of doing sth is used especially for physical activities involving movement and / or coordination.

Example: I haven't got the feel of the brakes in this car yet.

Get the hang of sth or get the hang of it can be used for both physical skills and mental activities or tasks.

Related vocabulary:
get / have a grasp of sth
[good grasp of sth]
[get the feel of sth]
[get the hang of it]]
come /get to grips with ->
[get to grips with sth]
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