get the feel of sth

get / have the feel of sth (become or be accustomed to or learn about; acquire skill in; feel comfortable doing something) — освоиться с чем-л., сориентироваться; выработать навык, овладеть навыком; научиться; приноровиться; разобраться;

Example 1: I haven't yet got the feel of this computer.

Example 2: I can drive better now that I have the feel of the new car. But it took me a while to get the feel of the this car's steering...

Example 3: When I see who I'm speaking to and get the feel of what's going on, that's when I start to speak.

have A feel for sth (to have an understanding of something or be naturally good at doing it)

Example: She has a real feel for languages.

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This idiom transfers the sense of touch to mental perception.