get round to sth

get round to sth / doing sth AND
get around to sth / doing sth
(to do something after you have intended to do it for some time) — наконец-то взяться за что-л, наконец-то сделать (после долгих раскачиваний )

When you get around to doing something that you have delayed doing or have been too busy to do, you finally do it.

Example 1: I meant to call her, but somehow I never got around to it. — Собирался ей позвонить, да все как-то руки не доходили.

Example 2: I said I would write to you, but as usual I never got around to it. — Я говорил, что нипишу тебе, но, как обычно, руки не дошли.

Example 3: I meant to do the ironing but I didn't get round to it. (OALD)