get one's act together

get (one's) act together (get organized; organize your activities so that you do things in an effective way) — хорошо подготовиться; спланировать работу; привести в порядок ; || собраться (с силами, с духом, с мыслями); не раскисать; взять себя в руки

Example 1: If these people could ever get their act together, they could produce unbeatable wines. (CIDI)

Example 2: You'd better get your act together and start looking for a job.(CIDI)

Example 3: If I'm going on a trip, I usually get my act together the night before so I'm packed and ready to go in the morning. (CDAmId)

Example 4: The very fact they keep talking about how they have to get their act together is a bad sign. (CDAmId)

Example 5: Once Joe gets his act together he'll get a raise. (AmHeritage)

Also, get one's shit together or get it all together (start to behave more appropriately or effectively; get organized)

You'd better get it all together before the boss comes back.

Now, come on, get your shit together. — Слушай, да возьми же ты себя в руки, ну нельзя же так распускаться. Не раскисай.

The variant using shit is considered vulgar.

[get a grip on yourself]
[ducks in a row]
[put your own house in order]