get fresh with sb

get fresh with sb (become overly bold or even rude) — хамить, распоясываться, наглеть (как о словах, так и о действиях)

Example 1: Don't get fresh with me! Remember I am the teacher here.

Example 2: She slapped him because he was getting fresh with her). ~ распускать руки, приставать к ней, распоясываться

...Jill giggled and I put my hand on the door and she kissed mine. As we played this revised version of tag, my mother realized that something strange was going on. She was too polite to stop us and so we continued to touch and kiss each other's hands. But when we were in the car on the way home, Dorothy slapped me across the face. "What you hit me for?" I asked, astonished. She had never had the nerve to hit me before. "You know you better not get fresh with that girl," she said firmly. I didn't know what getting " fresh " meant, but I thought it had something to do with Jill being white. Of course, I knew that my being black limited my involvement with whites, but I didn't know that restriction applied to white women and girls. (Cecil Brown,"Coming Up Down Home")

...He was a devout Christian but tended to drink more than he should, and on one occasion, in a fleabag motel north of Portland, he got fresh with her — that was how he put it when he tried to apologize the following morning, blaming the alcohol and wishing himself dead. Marlee forgave him — it was just a kiss, after all -- and yet she understood, almost as it was happening, that the time had come for her to move on. (Richard Bausch, "Someone to watch over me")

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