get a line on sb

get a line on sb/sth (to get an idea on how to locate someone or something; to find out, learn about sb/sth — добыть, раздобыть, получить сведения о ком-л. или о чём-л.; разузнать о ком-л. или о чём-л.

Example 1: "I'd have to check with John. Can I make a call to California? If we can track down the coat, maybe we can get a line on the missing woman."

Example 2: I got a line on a book that might help explain what you want to know.

Example 3: The garage was empty: a woodworking bench along the back wall, old lawn furniture, dust. I looked around, wondering whose black car it was and why the cops hadn't gotten a line on it yet. If I could fill in that blank, then I'd have something to talk to Con Dolan about. I was going to have something concrete. (Sue Grafton, "A" is for Alibi)

give a line on sb/sth — сообщать о ком-л. или о чём-л., дать, предоставить кому-л. сведения о ком-л. или о чём-л.

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