get a jump on sth

get / have a jump on sth/sb AND get /have the jump on on sth/sb (to start early, especially to start before something begins or before others begin; to gain an advantage over other people by doing something before they do; get a head start ) — опередить кого-л.; успеть раньше, чем другие; успеть до того, как что-л. начнется; ~ обскакать; иметь преимущества перед кем-л; оказаться в более выигрышном положении, чем кто-л.

Example 1: If I leave work early on Fridays I can get a jump on the traffic. (CIDI) — ...я успеваю до пробок.

Example 2: Job listings are updated continuously on our website, so you can get a jump on your competition. — ... окажетесь в более выигрышном положении, чем другие соискатели.

Example 3: Why don't we start early tomorrow and get a jump on the day? We can avoid the worst heat and be off work early.

get the drop on sth/sb

give an edge
give a competitive edge

Example 1: Volunteer activities that can help give young people an edge in college admissions or provide similar incentives will be highly attractive to them.

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