full of baloney

be full of baloney AND be full of boloney (be full of nonsense and bad information — a way of saying that someone does not know what he is talking about.) — нести чепуху; молоть чепуху, ерунду всякую говорить; ...не знает, чего говорит; ... мелет всякую ахинею

Example 1: What the heck he’s talking about? — Don’t listen to a word he says. He’s full of baloney.

Example 2: It has nothing to do with your promotion, and anybody who tells you otherwise is full of baloney.

Example3: Was Ronald Reagan just full of baloney when he was saying we really care about democracy and freedom here, there and everywhere? (CNN Crossfire)

[talk rot]
[talk rubbish]
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[talk through one's hat]