from hell

the {child / house / mother/ tenant /job / client / summer /etc.} from hell {humorous} (the worst or most unpleasant person or thing of that type that anyone can imagine) — ужасный, кошмарный, безобразный; ≅ врагу не пожелаешь; ≅ исчадье ада

The kind of neighbors who play loud music at three in the morning are
the neighbors from hell; other people's children can bethe children from hell.

Example 1: In later years, Lee would laughingly refer to their honeymoon as the Summer from Hell.

Example 2: His mother's awful. She really is the mother-in-law from hell. (

Example 3: Soon he was back, rolling a huge suit-case on wheels. Thank God, he's leaving at last, I thought. He was eager to show me something. But I was wary, in no mood for a tet-a-tete with the tenant from hell. I was busy, I said, and turned away, but he caught the back of my collar, tearing it. ( Edna Buchanan, "Goodnight, Irene", 2001)

Example 4: The seven year old, Mary Alice, the kid from hell, had two sticks poked into her brown hair. "What's with the sticks?" I asked. "They not sticks. They're antlers. I'm a reindeer." This was a surprise because usually she's a horse. (Janet Evanovich, "Hard eight", 2003)

Example 5: Ms.CARLINI: It seems like he just had run-ins with one neighbor after another. MORRISON: Over what? Ms.CARLINI: It could be the fact that somebody was building a house next to him and the stone on that house would look too much like the stone on his house. That might sound like typical neighborhood pettiness, but to others, Marcus had reputedly turned into the neighbor from hell. A pretty bad tenant, too. (NBC Dateline)

Example 6: And then out of the clear blue you get, you know, as one mother here told us, the child from hell. She says, you know, I put this angel to bed and the child from hell woke up. There's no way that you can be prepared for it. So it's the first time that there's a true, sudden violation in your relationship with your baby. And it's a real test. (NPR ATCW)

Example 7: But Generosa's divorce from Ted Ammon was consuming most of her time by the summer of 2001. The world's worst divorce, the divorce from hell.It went on for like a year and half. (CBS 48Hours)

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