free ride

a free ride (an easy time; participation without contributing anything) — халява; дармовщинка

get a free ride (get benefit at no cost) — получать что-то нахаляву; захребетничать; сачковать; ~ ехать на чужом горбу; ~ сидеть на шее

Someone who gets / has a free ride benefits from a collective activity without participating in it.

Example 1: You've had a free ride long enough.

Example 2: You have to do your share of the work now. No more free rides around here. Get off your duff and get a job! (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs)

Example 3: Only those who share the work can share the benefits—nobody gets a free ride!

Example 4: Of course we should make them pay for our travel expenses. Why should we give them a free ride? — ... Почему мы должны позволять им сидеть у себя на шее?

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