frame-up; frameup; framе (a scheme where an innocent person is made to take the blame for something; incrimination caused by contrived evidence.) — подстава

Example 1: Sam would never fall easy. Must be a frame.

Example 2: The frame would have worked if it weren’t for one little thing. (NTC’s).

Also a set-up

Example 1: At this point this looks like a set-up to me. The brothers both were just suspects, but were treated as if they have been accused guilty already. They both deserved to have a fair trial and the news is just feeding the public lies. I am not an extremist or anything like that, but at this moment I do believe this is a set-up. (www)

to frame (to cause an innocent person to be blamed for a crime; to contrive evidence so that someone appears to be guilty) — подставить; заложить

Jill tried to frame his sister for eating up the cookies.