for crying out loud!

For crying out loud! (Usage: something that you say to show you are angry / surprised / annoyed, and to emphasize what you are saying informal) — Да черт возьми!| C ума можно сойти! | Да что же это делается!| Господи боже мой! (выражает возмущение, раздражение и т. п.)

Example 1: Oh, for crying out loud! Would you stop whingeing/whinging! — Да сколько же можно! Ты прекратишь когда-нибудь ныть?!
Example 2: Oh, for crying out loud, why won't you listen to me! — Господи боже мой! Ну почему ты не можешь меня выслушать?

Note: It is best not to say this, but it is useful to understand it.

Origin: This is probably a euphemism fro the exclamation “For Christ’s sake!” People did not want to say that, and somehow For crying … came out as a substitute. (A euphemism is a special expression that is used to avoid saying sth else. An example would be the expression pass away, which is often used instead of the word die)
More examples:

...For crying out loud! How many times do I have to ask you to turn off the lights?
...For crying out loud! Will you guys be quiet for a minute?
...For crying out loud! Don't lose your head. Just calm down.